Ruble Tumbles, Good Time to Buy Property in Central Siberia Along the Beijing to Berlin Railway

The Russian Bear will tend its temporarily withered Ruble.

Some folks are calling yesterday 'Black Tuesday' in Russia but beyond the chaos at high priced electronics and auto showrooms ordinary Russians remain unaffected. Ordinary Russians, the state workers and poorer people are Putin’s main supporters. They often don’t have savings and their expenses are in rubles. The ruble’s slide mostly hits the upper classes who holiday abroad and have savings. As well, the plunge might mean some of the oligarchy [who have been very big buyers in recent weeks] having to unwind some of their London property, whadda shame eh..

While the MSM reports: "Russian media across the country from St. Petersburg to Siberia reported exchange points running out of foreign currency and were experiencing a rush for dollars and euros." They never mention by who. That 'who' is the same non-Putin supporting 30% in Russia that it is here in Canada. In Canada they'd be loyal Harper supporters.

Russia’s Economic Development Minister Aleksey Ulyukaev said, "Speculative pressure has hit Russia as well as other emerging economies hard. The ruble’s Tuesday plunge indicates 'certain calculations and expectations of market players." He's not worried, why should he be, Russia has the largest resource base in the world and it's just signed huge energy contracts with China and India. The world needs Russia a lot more than it needs currency speculators.

Russia has some short term currency problems but as Russia’s Central Bank Chair Elvira Nabiullina says, "The plunging ruble is a signal for the Russian economy to adapt to new conditions. We must learn to live in a new reality, to focus more on our own resources to finance projects and give import substitution a chance." Import substitution is an economic plan to produce more domestically, as imports are now much more expensive for Russians given the weak currency.

Nabiullina predicts a 5% recession this coming year, but in the longer run that would help Russia, just as such a setback in cheap imports can and will help Canada's internal economy and employment prospects. The same situation is going on in every petro-state right now. It could lead to more chaos or it could be exactly the opening needed to shift toward a localized, hand made, perma-culture type new economic order.

Russia and Putin have been playing this whole thing very cool but they are obviously in the Empire's crosshairs. The Ruble attack will turn around, my advice to an old friend earlier was sell his 'portfolio' and buy a chunk of land in Central Siberia along the soon to be built Beijing to Berlin Railway.


Festival of Resistance and Rebellion Against Capitalism Opens and Pope says 'Souls For All'

It's good news Friday again. Not only has the deluge stopped and my neighbors floods begun to subside. Not only has the sun re-appeared here at the hideout but the Good News that unexpectedly broke out in this morning's Inbox warmed my heart to boot.


Francis consoles boy crying over dead pup

‘Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures’ - Pope Francis

First email i opened: Pope says dogs can go to heaven: ‘Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures’ Pope Francis, making one of the only actual spiritual actions by a religious leader, said, Trying to console a distraught little boy whose dog had died, Francis told him in a recent public appearance on St. Peter's Square that "paradise is open to all of God's creatures."

Later, citing biblical passages that assert that animals not only go to heaven, but get along with one another when they get there, Francis was quoted by the Italian news media as saying: "One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God's creatures."

A different article says, "His words of consolation recently to a boy distraught over the death of his dog renew debate on whether animals have souls, suffer and go to heaven." The issue of who gets a soul and who doesn't has confounded Catholic and other Christians ever since they dreamed up this definition of what is undefinable. Words are tricky business once again. Where using a generality allows the listener to project his own definition onto what's being described, dividing it into specifics - dogs OK, what about slugs, pit bulls...?

The solution IMO is Souls For All...never could imagine wanting to go to a place that doesn't let in dogs or any of the critters i've loved over the years. Thanks Pope Francis, very good Poping.


Zapatistas First World Festival of Resistance and Rebellion Against Capitalism

Hard as it was to open another one as it was bound to be downhill from there, it was this: 'First World Festival of Resistance and Rebellion Against Capitalism - General Program'. The festival runs from tomorrow's opening ceremonies [Dec. 20th] to Jan. 3rd. Daily events include communal meals, cultural events and festivals, discussions and on most days group work sharing projects. For more detailed information about how to participate please email: comparticioncultural@gmail.com

From the first posts published on The Mud Report almost exactly 5 years ago, to the one latest last summer that focused on Sub-Commandante Marcos farewell statement and the tremendously positive and hopeful force his, and the Zapatistas, have given all of us who can only dream of living another way, The Zapatista Way.

One of the most moving pieces i ever read was 'In Chiapas, A Revolution That Won't Go Away'. For me, the best sub-section of it is titled 'Diego, The Boy Who Is Free'. To quote: "Diego is part of the first generation of Zapatista children whose births are registered by one of the organization’s own civil judges. In the eyes of his father, he is one of the first fully independent human beings. He was born in Zapatista territory, attends a Zapatista school, lives on unregistered land, and his body is free of pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Adding to his autonomy is the fact that nothing about him -- not his name, weight, eye color, or birth date -- is officially registered with the Mexican government. His family does not receive a peso of government aid, nor does it pay a peso worth of taxes. Not even the name of Diego’s town appears on any official map."

If, like me, going to Chiapas to help work and bask in in their revolutionary warmth is nearly impossible, you can for a few minutes feel the wonder of it in the video below.


Torture is a Crime Regardless of Effectiveness or How Many Exceptional Nukes Ya Got

The articles and comments i've agreed with these last two days about the Senate Torture Report are 'legion'. Edward Snowden's comment: "The world cannot accept efficiency as an excuse for what is essentially 'criminal behavior' on the part of the CIA. Adding,  "A government could say that rape has a positive effect because we have a declining demographic crisis in the country... Efficiency has no place in the debate about right and wrong,” Snowden said while answering a  question about whether the US is in deep moral crisis.

McCain on the other hand, though making many great points in his rejection of torture does, at the end of his speech, like the MSM mouthpieces, resort to the 'and besides it's ineffective because it produces bad intelligence. That distinction between torture as a crime regardless and torture as acceptable especially if effective [and done by a country armed to the teeth with nukes, an exceptional country] is at the heart of that moral crisis.

Just days before the report was released Huffinton Post published a piece [see graph above] showing Americans evenly divided in support for torture. It's hard for me to believe, hopefully that's in large part the effect of a the dis-information campaign prepared by the criminals and dished out by the MSM:

"American torture was not confined to a handful of aberrational cases or techniques, nor was it the work of rogue CIA agents. It was an officially sanctioned, worldwide regime of torture that had the acquiescence, if not explicit approval, of the top members of both political parties in Congress. It was motivated by far more than interrogation. The evidence for all of this is conclusive and overwhelming. And the American media bears much of the blame, as they refused for years even to use the word “torture” to describe any of this (even as they called these same techniques “torture” when used by American adversaries), a shameful and cowardly abdication that continues literally to this day in many of the most influential outlets. - Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept

The bunch of 'em off, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Brennan...it's long list...have been lying all along and they still are as Craig Murray, British ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002-2004 explains when asked by RT:

Q. "There is a worry that history can repeat itself. Is there a chance that all this can happen again?"
A.   "I think you would be naive if you thought it has entirely stopped. The CIA has probably stopped, at the moment, using torture directly itself. The CIA is most certainly still getting intelligence from torture, by getting other people to do it for them. In Uzbekistan where I was, the CIA didn't actually do the torture. They got the Uzbek government to do it. I also know for certain that at the moment in Bahrain, people are being tortured in order to provide evidence to the CIA. It is just the Bahrainis who are doing the torture, not the CIA."

That sounds exactly like the kinda fork-tongued bullshit Obama would concoct doesn't it? This issue of moral crisis that Snowden was asked about also concerns the wider moral cesspool our western culture, driven it's non-stop consumption and fear of having less, has become by abandoning the moral higher ground to chase the self-delusion of a material fulfillment.

Empires rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history. Empires have seldom collapsed because outside invasion, they rot from within. The moral crisis is being manifested as inequality and racism at home and endless war abroad is eating the Empire from within. The only reason Cheney, Bush and their defenders can stand there and spout their 'patriots not criminals' crap is because they got the nukes. But one day those missiles will decay into a pile of rusted, poisonous mush at the bottom of their casket like silos. One day the lying, the torturing bastards and their accomplices will be behind bars. But that day can only come after the blinders have been removed from the fearful or this Empire too rots from within.


If Degrowth = Trees Cracking Through Blacktop and Tumbleweeds Rolling in Parking Lots, Bring It On

Crude prices continue to drop because there's more supply than demand. The Saudis, Russians, Mexicans et al, aren't quickly pumping more oil now, they've just refused to pump less as have the frackers in America. Globally, oil supply isn't elastic enough to rapidly increase supplies, both supply and demand are 'inelastic' in the short-term. Economists mis-read the oil price drop as a function of over-supply and assume that as soon as the supply side soaks up the excess and the producers 'make up' oil prices will rebound bigtime...but

Not so fast, the 'expert's constant demand logic is true in the transportation sector but, as Erik Lindberg says, "While the transportation sector is responsible for a lot of our emissions, the carbon footprint of any one individual has much more to do with his or her overall levels of consumption of all kinds—the travel (especially on airplanes), the hotels and restaurants, the size and number of homes, the computers and other electronics, the recreational equipment and gear, the food, the clothes, and all the other goods, services, and amenities that accompany an affluent life."

Transportation is often a real need - ambulances, fire trucks etc. or to transport foods in times of distress, even getting to work is a necessity in our world. Demand for transportation fuels remains constant, what dropping everywhere is discretionary spending by consumers on what economists call 'luxury goods' and i call needless crap. Demand for every commodity is slowly dropping as a result of the slow global drop in crap consumption especially by people already hobbled by debt from earlier crap purchases.

Ask McDonald's, the ultimate symbol of needless crap IMO, whose sales have been dropping for years [see graph above]. Ask the retail experts about the dying shopping malls speckled across the United States. According to longtime retail consultant Howard Davidowitz, "Numerous midmarket malls, are going, going, gone,” Adding. “They’re trying to change; they’re trying to get different kinds of anchors, discount stores … [But] what’s going on is the customers don’t have the fucking money. That’s it. This isn’t rocket science.”

Rolling Acres Mall Central Atrium...nowadays

They don't have any more money because they already first spent all they had, then they borrowed more from the future, a future they saw as endlessly rosy. Debt, caused by the combination of super low interest and super stupid humans, is closing the doors of places like the Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio [above] and has been for years now. The drop in consumer demand is small, slow and inexorable. Once upon a time not long ago i figured it'd require millions of people becoming enlightened about capitalism's degenerate underbelly to effect meaningful change, turns our burned out credit does a much better job.

Maybe humans will evolve toward Holmgren's vision of how "a permaculture way of life empowers us to take responsibility for our own welfare, provides endless opportunities for creativity and innovation, and connects us to nature and community in ways that makes sense of the world around us" aided by the excellent pre-industrial agricultural land we paved on the way up. Already trees are growing through pavement and tumble weeds are again rolling unobstructed in the parking lots. Who could ask for more.


Security Spinners Aghast - Senate Torture Report Concludes the US is Exceptional...at Hypocrisy

The Senate's Torture Report is out [here or here]. The Mud Report has said for years that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield should be doing the perpwalk for their war crimes and when Obama, who vowed to prosecute those responsible for torture on numerous occasions during his '08 campaign, made the decision not to prosecute them he became an accessory after the fact. Waterboarding is torture! This has been clearly established in the UN Convention Against Torture [ratified by Ronald Reagan in 1987] and is illegal in the U.S. as well as immoral because Title 18, Part I, Chapter 113C of the US Code makes it so under any circumstances.

Waterboarding isn't a new thing, it's been in use since at least the 1500s during the Spanish Inquisition. The suffocation of bound prisoners with water has long been favored by tortureres because, unlike most other torture techniques, it produces no marks on the body. After WWII the US held war crimes trails, found Japanese officers guilty of torture for their use of water boarding and executed them.

"...the Tokyo Trials, officially known as the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. After World War II, an international coalition convened to prosecute Japanese soldiers charged with torture. At the top of the list of techniques was water-based interrogation, known variously then as 'water cure,' 'water torture' and 'waterboarding,' according to the charging documents. It simulates drowning. A number of the Japanese soldiers convicted by American judges were hanged, while others received lengthy prison sentences or time in labor camps." - Politifact 

GW's cabal started the ball rolling by asking many members of the Justice Dept. to write opinions about the use of torture. They recieved about 30 different opinions from various lawyers who worked there. Of those, 2 supported [Bybee and Yoo] its use, the rest opposed it as criminal and/or immoral. As we now know the Bushistas cherry picked the two by Bybee and Yoo because they fit the  agenda.

A few months back an arrogantly smirking Obama acknowledged during a White House briefing that "We tortured some folks." The evil asshole tried to excuse the immoral and illegal acts by asking everyone to remember "how afraid people were at the time". Bet the Japanese and the non-Christians...all of 'em we call tortureers were scared too. As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Obama chose nothing.

Today's Senate report is widely condemned as redacted ad ubsurdium, as edited by the CIA, etc. but possibly the worst mistake in most articles is the deliberate confusion between right and wrong when talking about illegal vs.effective. In the old days, immoral and expedient were understood to be opposites, now not delivering good intelligence is an acceptable reason to oppose torture  It's bullshit and not the garden variety.

Glen Greenwald's website The Intercept is the best source to watch the events unfolding in response to the release as well as more detailed background info. The program was not isolated to just a few cases, as if often suggested, writes Greenwald, but rather "was an officially sanctioned, worldwide regime of torture that had the acquiescence, if not explicit approval, of the top members of both political parties in Congress."- Glenn Greenwald


Empowered Individuals Understand That Needs Rule and Wants Drool in the Real World

The prognostications about why oil prices fell so fast and where they're going are circling the picture above created by Charles Hugh Smith. The crystal ball gazing results converge because they all use the same underlying false assumptions about the nature of the long slow demand reduction for all commodities going forward in an even mildly deflationary situation like the real world one just outside their windows.

Words are slippery creatures. Demand for bread is called 'inelastic'. demand for Oreos is elastic. Then there's the who's wants vs. needs calculus. The rich will still be buying south seas islands when the middle class is putting the brakes on credit card debt and the working poor is only buying second hand tents. The formulaic price predictions by economists are wrong because they mis-read or dis-regard the elephant of debt as a crushing of inelastic demand. Not only is needless crap the most elastic of our demands but the extraction of raw materials, the shipping and manufacturing, the stores...everything needs every other part of extractive capitalism to keep going, all of it, all commodities, are falling in price, not just oil, because so many folks have reached the debt-gag threshold.

In the past academic supply - demand - price idealizations haven't recognized that the response to debt often isn't linear. Individuals, families even whole cultures will take on debt 'til they don't. Masked by booming Hummer sales in reaction to lower gas prices and what's sure to be the free-falling needlesscrap prices as elastic demand plummets, our 'experts' will conclude that aggregate demand is steady when in fact it's slip slidin away.

It's slip slidin in large part because, as Erik Lindberg explains, "...pumping gasoline is our most direct connection to the burning of fossil fuels, most [North] Americans overemphasize the significance of what sort of car we drive and many liberals might proudly point to their small economical cars or undersized SUVs. While the transportation sector is responsible for a lot of our emissions, the carbon footprint of any one individual has much more to do with his or her overall levels of consumption of all kinds—the travel (especially on airplanes), the hotels and restaurants, the size and number of homes, the computers and other electronics, the recreational equipment and gear, the food, the clothes, and all the other goods, services, and amenities that accompany an affluent life."

The often heard argument that i 'need' my car to get to work and feed my family can be true,  but it's still elastic because you can buy a small car or take the bus Gus. Food too, you need bread, you want Oreos. IMO, oil prices will stop falling and maybe rise slowly a tiny bit once the supply side war negotiates a cease-fire because demand for transportation fuels will stay level, folks in the wealthier northern climates will still wanna be warm and mild deflation fueled degrowth still leaves lots of real needs that a relocalized permaculture economy will be hard pressed to supply [at first].

Over time a relocalized, hand built, permaculture [patches on your knees] economy can achieve 'Victory Through Vegetables', can organically re-sequester the GHGs that are mostly avoided costs not paid by extractive capitalism. There is a better world ahead, don't be fooled by the Bankers and Billionaires Club's charlatans  the B@B bastards have no concern for you, your job, your children, the actual prices you pay, wealth equality, or the future, and everything to do with the simple fact that the stability of consumer capitalism absolutely depends on a people seeing themselves as consumers not empowered individuals who understand that needs rule and wants drool in the real world


Avian Flu Spreads in Fraser Valley. Solution-Just Say No to Industrial Agriculture, Eat Free Range

The tried reading the news today about concerning the expanded Avian flu quarantine in 4 Fraser Valley farms. They were nearly identical, all focused on how world markets reacted with trade bans on B.C. poultry products. They mentioned the money lost by industrial ag. businesses and their owners, but not a word about how or why all these thousands of chickens and turkeys got the damned flu.

H5 influenza spreads quickly but the infections seldom spread far except under the conditions of intensive crowding and stress in industrial agriculture. Massive barns, massive money, massive debts to build the everything, massive leverage for whoever loans the dough to make it all go. The bankers always demanding that a prescribed list of 'best practices' be adhered to including every ugly and unhealthy aspect of the modern industrial food production system.

One small word the stories all share is 'farm'. The industry and the media use keywords that we all have wholesome internal images of and fond feelings for. 'Farm' elicits a far different instantaneous emotional response than 'industrial poultry business'. That initial emotional response frames how we perceive the rest of the information that follows. We see the little girl at the barn door with the chickens scratching around not a torture scene of tightly caged 'battery' of innocent creatures we've enslaved.

We had free-range chickens roaming around our little farm for about 20 years. Some of them, especially when it snowed, hung out on the porch with the dogs. Pissed off the dogs but this is a chicken-o-centric story so...We got to know them a bit as individuals, each chicken has a different personality...turns out...chickens are people too.

Another common part the MSM's blather about the foul story was the possible shortage of industrial poultry business raised turkeys for the consumer culture's ritual turkey based, post wrapped needless crap opening, gluttony. First off, people could only be so lucky to not eat the growth hormone and antibiotic filled crap. Second, the capitalists will fill any hole in supply with other industrial poultry from somewhere. Third, there are other choices, there are Free Range Turkeys for sale in Vancouver, just enter those words in a search engine and you'll be eatin real turkey a few days after the solstice.

Of course, the free range turkeys probably costs twice as much, maybe 3 times. Guess a person could serve/eat smaller portions or, the words capitalists don't want spoken, buy less needless crap of other types during your Yule. Think about it, isn't real healthy food for your family more important than useless dumb presents. Grow it, raise it, pay thanks to it if you can, but if you must buy a turkey barter your hard earned money with the people worked hard to do it for you. That's real economics, that's real life.


This Past Weekend's Sales Numbers Show is That Aggragate Demand for Needless Crap is Falling

The stats are in from this past 4 day weekend's sales. Including Black Friday, they're down 11.2% or $6.5 billion from last year. "First it was Shoppertrak, then it was the National Retail Federation, then it was IBM, and now, with its own set of internal data, here is Bank of America slamming the door shut on US retail spending as a source of Q4 growth, and proving once and for all that the extended Thanksgiving-weekend, and the start to US holiday spending season, was the biggest dud since Lehman." - 0 Hedge

Each of those early reporters 'hedged' their stats with high hopes for Cyber Monday to be the difference maker. It wasn't, sales online Monday were up between 8% and 16% depending on who you ask. But Cyber Monday, though growing, is a much smaller affair than the bricks and mortar businesses and every pundit spinning that 'impossible dream' knows it full well. Online sales were $2-$3 billion on Monday, a healthy increase over last year, but in aggragate over the 4 days folks, both online and in-line, spent !0.2% less than last year. None of the numbers considers that the population is growing so per-capita numbers are even lower. The moaning you hear comes from your local chapter of the Bankers and Billionaires Club.

All these numbers really show is that aggragate demand for needless crap is falling. How many big screen TVs does anyone need? How much bling? These numbers are about over-consumption, about wants not needs. The demand for needless crap consumers want is inverse to their economic fears just as it is to GHG production. The demand for needs stays fairly flat regardless of the spin or the moaning.

The demand for needless crap will level off too over time. The 'aggragate' number of folks who've realized that bread and beans trump bankers and billionaires will by that point have changed the capitalist world.  "In short", as Ron Paul says. "deflation is at least potentially a great liberating force. It not only brings the inflated monetary system back to rock bottom, it brings the entire society back in touch with the real world, because it destroys the economic basis of the social engineers, spin doctors, and brain washers."

Deflation can be a liberating force economically, but even more powerfully, the coming era mild deflation will be a liberating force for the spirits of those who have long searched for a non-violent avenue to meaningful change to our economy, to our environmental destruction and most importantly, to the rogue primate's worldview.


Black Swans Gliding In Complex Economic Systems Mean The Precautionary Principle Must Rule

A black swan, says Nicholas Nassim Taleb who popularized the term, is a hard-to-predict event with a large impact.

Economists, oil analysts and other various experts circling the 'don't worry be happy' drain agree that the primary explanation for the free-fall in oil is rising production has created a temporary oversupply of oil: the world is awash in crude oil because producers have jacked up production so much. Given that even implying the official spin -  the global economy is not recessionary - is bullshit, puts an expert immediately into the firing squad lineup, it is not surprising that the free-fall in oil surprised the official class of analysts and pundits.

"Since declaring the global economy is in recession is sacrilege, it was impossible for conventional analysts/pundits to foresee a 37% drop in oil in a few months." says Charles Hugh Smith. Adding, "It is my contention that the recent free-fall in the price of oil qualifies as a financial Black Swan." Wikipedia lists three basic criteria based on Taleb's work:

1. The event is a surprise (to the observer).
2. The event has a major effect.
3. After the first recorded instance of the event, it is rationalized by hindsight, as if it could have been expected; that is, the relevant data were available but unaccounted for in risk mitigation programs.

Hughes' Black Swan has cousins in every highly complex system, they are the unknown unknows and they really like hangin out around the human built mental contraptions called modeling. Humans use modeling to make predictions about what they can't understand by simplifying the inputs. The thing is, no model – whether a wind-tunnel model for designing aircraft, an economic model, a weather model or a climate model for projecting global warming – will ever reproduce the real-world complexity of the system being modeled.

Given that according to the EIA, the average global crude oil production (including OPEC and all non-OPEC) per year is as follows:

2008: 74.0 million barrels per day (MBD)
2009: 72.7 MBD
2010: 74.4 MBD
2011: 74.5 MBD
2012: 75.9 MBD
2013: 76.0 MBD
2014: 76.9 MBD

So #3 applies eh.  The relevant data were available. The blinders uniformly worn by the economic 'experts' [in this case] were self-applied. Modeling science looks backward to predict the future. Imagine trying to drive your beater forward by looking in the rear view mirror. It works OK as long as the road is straight, but as soon as it curves you're in the ditch. In this case, curves would be a tipping point. The driver, having believed that driving by mirror was a good idea, then sees his current position in the ditch as an unpredicable Black Swan Event when in reality highway curves are very predictable when not acting on false beliefs.

Unfortunately, the real world has a lotta curves and ditches. No matter what convolution of tactics we employ at mitagation, the real world is unpredictable beyond generalities. So, IMO, given the enormous consequences of a failure to avoid the economic ditch [and its cousin the global warming ditch] the greatest failure of our 'experts' is that they refuse to apply The Precautionary Principle.

The plummeting prices at the pump are the most visible part of a tipping point in the global demand curve for needless crap. It certainly has already started knocking over dominoes here in Canada where the governments live on the income from resource royalties. The fear up here being stirred is that say so jobs will be lost by folks who work for companies that supply the oil and gas industries is just camouflage to distract the gullible from the fact that every part of every oil and gas play is financed by the banks, those companies won't hang on in the hopes of a brighter tomorrow, they can read the headlines about the deflation phantom, they'll walk on the debt, the banks will own a buncha rusting useless equipment and the banks shareholders - the rich - will not be amused.

It's a predictable outcome, driven only by short term quarterly profits corporate capitalism is running itself over a cliff. Understanding this predicament whereby our expert system's inability to predict the behavior of complex systems because their least likely outcomes are sometimes the most catastrophic allows us to take our own precautions. Great changes happen at tipping points. For some that means maybe being a prepper, for some that means crashing the credit cards on sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. The key IMO is to respond, not react to the life's possibilities and remembering that 'experts' are often as imprisoned by their beliefs as anyone else.


Double Your Money by Using Your Savings From Cheap Gas to PAY OFF CREDIT CARD DEBT

The news and the ads look a lot alike, both do their damnedest to convince their audience that folks will be spending the money still in their pockets after buying gas on needless consumer crap during Xmas...and unfortunately many will. The boys and girls at the Bankers and Billionaires Club know though that some percentage of those monies won't and that's not 'a good thing' for [their] growth. What they fear is the indebted, especially the credit card balance carrying multitudes, will instead use a big portion of the dough to pay off their high interest debt.

Many experts are saying that plummeting oil prices are a reflection of the true state of the broader underlying economy. From what i've seen 'underlying' doesn't mean on Main St., it means the 'markets', it means the size of quarterly profits, not real stuff of people. All the blather about growth and jobs is just propaganda to mis-direct our attention from the real problem those doing the blathering have: the party could be ending before the assholes have totally cleaned the trough.

As Robert Reich said the other day, "The wealthy and corporations are not the job creators. The people who create jobs actually are the vast middle class and the poor whose spending creates incentives for companies to hire.” We are the demanders, we will create the future our present actions dictate.

Demand is weakening across the board for needless crap because of high debt levels everywhere and an ageing boomer population who've already bought all the crap they need. Deflation means rising real wages for those folks in parts of the Main St. economy involved in stuff folks really need, like food, shelter, health and basic transportation. Deflation means some folks changing jobs - hopefully changing the nature of themselves and the economy newly localized communities.

The folks at the B@B Club are flummoxed, they've learned recently, especially in Japan, they can’t force people to spend no matter how dastardly the fear tactics used and what happens is they wind up scaring people into even less spending. Japanification is both an empty fear tactic of the B2Bers and very instructive.

Recently in another Kami-Kazi like deflation speech the Bank of Japan's Kuroda said the bank was ready to ease even more "to ensure the Japanese public shakes off its "deflationary mindset." What is the deflationary mindset he fears? Is it a frugal, hard working mindset? One where basic empathetic values return to the fore? i have friends who are Japanese , friends who live part of the time here in Canada, part back in Japan. They say life's good there, lottsa prices are lower, wages too but a days pay still put a roof over a family's head and fish on the table.

The Japanese have always been a population that is more frugal and less consumptive. But even here in Canada, if one lives frugally, and especially outside of a major city, life would be normal despite the phantom of deflation roaming the moors. But for those that must consume, that only want the live large lifestyle, disappointment could arrive any day now. An old Zen metaphor is 'to be like water and take the of the container'. Very wise words when considering that adopting a deflationary shape is the best stratedgy both personally and globally in the battle against the B@B Club.